Friday, April 22, 2011


I just realised that I had forgotten to tell you all how the sales day went! It went great! I sold quite a few items. Blue (SoCreature "doll"), Pinky(SoCreature "doll"), Spots(SackCreature with 2 zippers) and 6 little bunnys. And a Custom made SoCreature "doll". The new little owner of the doll watched me make it. lol

Her mum called me the other day to tell me her daughter hadnt let it go since she got it. And now her older daughter wants one too. Bun in green. So I cant make it untill I have been to one more store looking for green cuddly socks.... Thats gonna be tomorrow since all the store have been closed since yesterday becose of easter.

And now I have taken a little break from SackCreature making and made some SoCreature "dolls". I will post picture of the one I made last night a bit later today. I am also in the prosess of making a SackCreature albino bunny.

I also have to start making more SackCreatures and SoCreatures for Its a gathering for fantazy, sci-fi and japan fans. It costs a  little to put up a stand there. But I am hopeing to sell a lot of stuff.

Got to go. Getting visitores!

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