Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sacky on a town trip!

 Sacky injoying a glass of Cola Zero at a resturant.  
Sacky in the basket I used for the trip. He also got to se a consert.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Finished this little one today. I named him Blues. The pink nose is a safety nose.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Since Artfire now only wants shops that you have to pay for having. Mine is now closed. I will open one on Etsy as soon as I can afford it. Anyone wanting SackCreatures or SockCreatures just have to contact me on here!

Love Ravienna.

Gift to a young lady!!

I made this for one of my best friends daughter.

Hubby said this was one of my best SackCreatures. lol That fleece was just so great to work with. It made me wanna make a Cookie-monster Sacky! Maby thats next ! :P

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New members of the SackCreature family!

 This is Sly, He is made from fake leather and his face is made of fleece.

 His eyes are sew on to the fleece before it was stitched to the head. 
 This colourful creature is called Bow. Isnt he cute?
 His hands is a new design, I wanted to get the fingers clear.
 I took fringes from a orange fleece blanket and put into the stitchings on the sides and the back
 to get this look! I took two fringes and tied it all into a bunch. But that kan be taken off to give him a "hairyer" look.
 My son named him Squik after a mouse in a cartoon he has watched. He adopted this one...
 My first attempt at letter embroidery. Not to bad ( I didnt get the S on this picture...) if I do say so myself...
Its on the side of the left foot.
 M for my sons name at the buttom of the right foot. 
 Squik has a zipper on the back of his head for hiding stuff in. Or as my son said: Look mum! I have my hand in his brain! And look! He can do stuff even with the zipper open! (he made Squik "walk" in the air :D)
 The buttons are securly stitched on the felt before I stitched them on the face.
The white fleece heart and spots where emboiderd on before I hand stitched the parts together. The button was stiched on after I finished him.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Denmark...Back from the holliday!

We went to Denmark for almost a week, to se Legoland and to go to a Medival festival. We had a great trip!! And Sacky went with us!

 Sacky with a sign holder at an egyption ride.
 Posing with a Pharo.
 At the Legoland entrence sign saying byebye to Legoland.
 Me and Sacky went to Build-a-bear. And for once I didnt get a plushie, but I got....
Clothing for Sacky!!!

Isnt he cute in his little outfit? I found out that B-a-B`s Smallfries clothing fits Sacky, its tight, but it fits!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pictures of the fabrics

Here are the fabrics I got on saturday.
 Fake leather and Jeans fabric with stars.
 This is the fabric with scales on it. I just finished a SackCreature head and body in the blue one. 
And its looking so cool!!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Was at my favorite fabric store yesterday. And got some realy cool fabrics!!! My hubby found this realy great fabric, got it in two different colours, blue and green. It looks like it has scales all over with some soft furry like spots inbetween the scales. And it is so soft!!!

Also got this jeans fabric with stars on it. Gonna use it to make a large SackCreature like Baby.

Then I found this fake leather in a purple kind of colour. Its a bit streatchy, so I dont know how its gonna look, but I plan on trying to make a SackCreature out of this one too. Its so soft and it looks like its not gonna be hard to hand sew in eather.

Then I found some gray fleece that I am looking farward to using. I am afraid it might end up a bit boring, but hubby sais nothing I sew can ever be boring! lol Its good to have someone that, even though he hates the mes sI make when I am creating. He still belives in what I do.

I just wish I could make a living doing this!!!

Another finished request....

This little SackCreature girl was made on request from my sisterinnlaw. I hope her little girl likes it, but I have a feeling she wount... She is not an easy girl to please.... But we will se in a few minutes. My son wants to give it to her. He is my biggest fan and loved this little SackGirl! lol

Friday, July 8, 2011

A gift is made

This little light pink bunny was made for a little girl named Gloria. Her mum asked me to make him. He ended up so cute and with pretty big pockets behind thouse zippers.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Desucon stand...

 This was taken before the start of day one.
This was taken before day two.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Desucon left overs.....

the Creatures that are left after Desucon and is still for sale:

Oh yeah, another thing from Desucon....

My poore baby Bad Valentine was stolen from my stand on saturday. That is SO SAD!!! I just hope whoever took him treats him good.

Desucon is over...

and I actualy wish it was longer, even though I got sick at the end. Had to go home an hour earlyer than planned. I got realy sick. And now I have a realy bad cold and a slight fever. lol

But it was SO worth it! Sold more than I had ever dreamed of. But I still have some poore Creatures left looking for homes!

And now its time to start thinking of next years Desucon. And to take my Creatures one step futher. And make more SackCreatures like Baby. Baby got sold on sunday. But a lot of people looked at him before he was sold. Maby I should try to make more of him. Just not in that fabric.
And I need to get more rings......

Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet nameless.....

He is made from part black fleece and parts of extreemly soft and fluffy polar fleece!!! With a "hidden zipper on the stumac with a big pocket behind it and one zipper as a mouth also tis one with a big pocket behind it.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My latest experiment....

This is Terry the Big SackCreature. His zipper goes all the way around his body. With 2 big pockets inside, one in the front and one in the back. He also have a totaly black zipper in the back of his head, with a huge poket inside.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Desucon lineup so far. More to come!!!

 Smily the SackCreature is sold!!!!
 Albie the Albino Vampire Bunny SackCreature
 Star the SackCreature

 Blobby the BunnyBlobb Creature

 Sporty the SockCreature

 Crazy Gene the SackCreature
 Shyno the SockCreature

 Nutz the SockCreature

 Bad Valentine the SockCreature

 Hart the Vampire SackCreature
 Spot the SackCreature

 Ginger Bread the Gingerbread Creature

 Snorkly the SockCreature

Le'Orange the SockCreature

 Fishy the SockCreature

 Baby the Big SackCreature (not to shure that I can part with him though)

Big Sacky the Big SackCreature vs 2