Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New members of the SackCreature family!

 This is Sly, He is made from fake leather and his face is made of fleece.

 His eyes are sew on to the fleece before it was stitched to the head. 
 This colourful creature is called Bow. Isnt he cute?
 His hands is a new design, I wanted to get the fingers clear.
 I took fringes from a orange fleece blanket and put into the stitchings on the sides and the back
 to get this look! I took two fringes and tied it all into a bunch. But that kan be taken off to give him a "hairyer" look.
 My son named him Squik after a mouse in a cartoon he has watched. He adopted this one...
 My first attempt at letter embroidery. Not to bad ( I didnt get the S on this picture...) if I do say so myself...
Its on the side of the left foot.
 M for my sons name at the buttom of the right foot. 
 Squik has a zipper on the back of his head for hiding stuff in. Or as my son said: Look mum! I have my hand in his brain! And look! He can do stuff even with the zipper open! (he made Squik "walk" in the air :D)
 The buttons are securly stitched on the felt before I stitched them on the face.
The white fleece heart and spots where emboiderd on before I hand stitched the parts together. The button was stiched on after I finished him.

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