Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Loss of Inspiration...

I havent had a lot of inspiration lately. I made this on sunday though. i drew the pattern my self. And handsewn it all with tiny tiny stitches. Its deffenetly not gonna fall apart any time soon. I do all of my sewing with jeans thread, cose its a lot stronger than normal sewing thread.

Back to the loss of inspiration... I hope i get some back tomorow when I am going to my fav store. www.stoffogstil.no.


  1. I hate when I lose inspiration -- and it always seems to happen when I have a deadline or a craft show looming!

  2. So sorry you haven't had any inspiration. I was hoping to see what you made with your buttons. Hope you get some inspiration soon. Love your sock monsters.

  3. Sorry about your creative block...that too shall past.